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A Florida mother filed a lawsuit against her school district after it dropped her from a volunteer program due to her use of the adult app OnlyF. Victoria “Snooks” Triece, 31, is a heavily tattooed blonde who shares sexually explicit images on the app. In 2021, after being informed that she could no longer participate in the ADDtion volunteer program, she filed a lawsuit against Orange County Public Schools.

When someone wrote a letter to school administrators about Trieve, a mother of two students, they exposed her as an online model.

Florida’s Victoria Triece

Trice is involved in various adult-oriented careers, including topless dancing, adult-themed acting, internet sexting, and more, according to a statement given by her attorneys, which also includes membership in OnlyF. This was mentioned in a news release given out on Wednesday by Triece’s attorneys John Zielinski and Mark NeJame. Trice has now made a second declaration about her involvement in educational initiatives since she sued the Orange County School District in 2022. In that situation, she wished to compel the district to change its mind about include her in OnlyF. Circuit Judge Paetra Brownlee, however, rejected Trice’s legal argument, declaring that she “does not have an unequivocal legal right to participate” in the school initiative.

The defense team for Trice submitted a fresh court complaint. According to the complaint, employees of the Orlando Countryside school system received an anonymous email containing graphic photos without their knowledge or consent. Trice stated she was “a little bit stunned” by this. I’ve already got a nasty issue going on. My mailbox is overflowing with notifications of recipients of my images in the media and elsewhere. I can’t believe I have to go through this.

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During Triece’s five years of voluntary work, Principal Phillips learned she was a nude model for a pay service.

NeJame claimed that Triece was penalized by Orange County School District administrators because they had a “morality police.” While they kept an eye on her internet behavior and discovered she wasn’t breaching any laws, they nonetheless took action against her. Triece wasn’t concealing any of her online writings, according to NeJame, who also claimed that she always wore appropriate clothing to school.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Trice and her legal team said they filed the lawsuit to make sure this never occurs to other parents. According to, she claimed she was only doing this for other parents who had to struggle to keep their kids. She explained why she was taking action: “I’m doing this because there are other parents out there who can’t fight it and they’ve been told we don’t know how to fight it and how many other people are going to come who are going to do the same exact thing.”



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